The Best Exercises To Increase Muscle Mass Viral Supplements

These are the exercises that you should include in your training routine to increase muscle mass and look toned, strengthened and more attractive body.

Squats with bar or Squats

The barbell squat is a very demanding type of exercise, but perfect for gaining muscle mass properly distributed throughout the body. You will work the quadriceps, the trapezius, the abdominal and back muscles, buttocks, calves and even the muscles of the neck.

Tips to start:
Start with soft weights Be very demanding with the technique with which you carry out the routine. A bad technique put into practice can generate discomfort and back pain. Well practiced and with a progressive increase in weight, as you progress in your training, it will allow you to work and gain muscle mass in the most interesting areas for a well-defined body.

Front press with bar or military press Increase Muscle Mass.

Increase Muscle Mass: For many professionals, it is the best exercise to work and strengthen the muscle mass of the deltoids (shoulders) and trapezius and achieve good posture. This exercise can be done standing or be sitting and it is especially important to always keep the trunk upright to avoid injuries, discomfort, and problems.


It is essential to determine the right weight to gain muscle mass and not cause injuries. A too small weight will not work the musculature as you wish and an excessive one can be problematic. If you are going to perform this exercise in a gym, admit the advice of a good professional on this aspect.
It is also important that the bar never reaches the back of the neck and perform a good rhythm of exercise that allows the muscles to work properly. You are not in a competition to see who does the repetition more times in a given time. The important thing is to perform the exercise so that you gain, strengthen and tone the muscle mass of the areas worked.

Bar bench press bench press horizontal Increase Muscle Mass

Increase Muscle Mass: In this type of exercise, you must lift a barbell weight vertically while you lie on your back. The muscles that you will most notice how they work are the pectorals, but you will also be strengthening the muscle mass of the triceps and shoulders. It is a demanding exercise but it provides very good results in the upper body.


Tips for beginners:
Increase Muscle Mass: You may feel strange with this type of exercise during the first sessions. A good way to prepare yourself to feel how the chest muscle works is to simulate the movements of this exercise standing up and weightless, then go on to do it with a bar and then start training with a barbell on the bench.
It is important that you be scrupulous with the technique and perform the up and down movement of the bar without balancing it, as you would not be working on the muscles that you are interested in improving and refining. It is also important that you have good stability throughout the practice of the exercise, with your back completely in contact with the bench and the soles of your feet perfectly in contact with the ground firmly.

Deadlift or deadlift
Increase Muscle Mass It is a fundamental exercise to develop and improve the lower body muscle mass with a good work on the gluteals and hamstrings. It is convenient to do it in combination with other exercises that work different muscles of other areas of the body. But if you want to have well-toned, muscular and strong legs, there is no doubt that this exercise is perfect to achieve your goals. In addition, correctly done you will also work secondly on the muscles of the back and arms. This exercise consists of lifting the bar with both hands.


Tips for beginners:

In all the exercises it is important to be careful and demanding with the technique and in this more, if possible, because the risk of injuries in the spine due to a bad technique is high. Remember to follow well and strictly steps with the proper posture in each of them. Properly determining the weight of the bar for your goals is also fundamental.
A good habit is to practice this exercise with protection on the shins and even on the knees. It is relatively frequent that scratches, marks and bruises are produced on them. Silicone shin guards and Crossfit knee guards are a good choice.

Rowing horizontal with bar or row
It is a perfect exercise to improve and develop the musculature of the back. With a good technique and an appropriate weight you will also be working on shoulders, pectorals, and forearms to develop, tone and shape your muscle mass.

For the proper development of the technique, it is vital that you keep your back straight at all times, avoiding bowing, a very common mistake in the practice of rowing. It is also important to contract the abdominals during exercise.
It is interesting to know that both the way you grip the bar and the distance between your hands allows you to work on both your back muscles. It is recommended to vary in the shape and distance of grip to be able to

Work your back from a large number of angles during the session. This way you can optimize the training time to work different muscles of the back and achieve a better result.

Increase Muscle Mass These are the best exercises to improve muscle mass that you can practice. Include one or several of them in your usual training routine to enjoy a body visibly more muscular, defined, toned and strengthened. Remember the importance of breaks between exercise series. Also important are rest days between exercise sessions for a well-developed muscle mass. You also have to consider combining physical exercise with good nutrition and other sports habits for a healthier and more attractive body.

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