We Recommended You Best Mediterranean Diet – The Most Healthy Diet

Mediterranean diet is not recognized as the most healthy diet in the world. Read the instructions in the diets and you will find yourself in it.

Mediterranean diet – what you will get:

Fruits and vegetables – This will help your cardiovascular system be healthy.

Make a green leaf salad, use red pepper, chicken wings, sunflower seeds, or chilled frozen fruits as dessert.

For example, stubborn with mangoes, strawberries, bananas, low yummy yugort, and milk.

Take 2 cups of fruit and 3 cups of vegetables a day.

Fish – You will get protein, omega-3, which will help your heart’s health.

Enjoy a variety of fish with olive oil. Children and pregnant women should pay special attention to what type of fish they will receive.


Recommended for fish three times a week.

Legumes of plants – contain minerals, vitamins, low-fat proteins, etc.

You can get a salad with lean and others or other vegetables as well.

It is recommended to be prepared from ½ to 3 cups per week.

Plants – oregano, garlic, basil, and others can help you get healthy antioxidants.

For example, only half a teaspoon of dry oregano contains as many antioxidants as 3 cups of spinach.

It is recommended to get along with any other food.

Nuts and seeds – contain a large number of antioxidants have a positive effect on blood sugar levels.

Taking into consideration that this product has a very high-calorie intake, you have a great amount of time-consuming, combined with other products.

It is recommended to give 1 to 1 ½ ounces daily (28.6 grams)

Healthy oils – each one is very useful for health.

On average one tablespoon of oil contains 120 calories, so it is better if you do not use a lot of salads, vegetables, pasta, and bread.

Recommended 3-5 teaspoon daily.

Cereal culture – contains a large number of vitamins and minerals.

It is recommended to get ½ cup daily.

Wine – If you love wine, you can continue to receive it, although this is not a compulsory diet.

It is recommended that women take one glass of wine every day, this reduces the risk of breast cancer and prevents high pressure.

6 reasons why you should try a Mediterranean diet


1. Decreased weight loss

Diet contains proteins and fats that can help you with blood glucose, which means that you will not want to make cookies, chips and more.

According to a number of studies, people who have been diagnosed with this diet for more than two years have become more likely than those who tried other types of diets.

2. Good health

The risk of infarction among the dieters, the risk of angina, etc. is due to healthy antioxidants.

3. Diabetes prevention

Not only reduces the risk of diabetes but also improves the condition of people with the disease, decreases the amount of blood in their blood to the required level.

4. A better sight

This is caused by the fact that you get omega-3 food.

5. Reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease
6. Long life
For example, 9% less of those diets are heart disease, cancer, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

 Mediterranean Diet Rules

1. Follow the percentage points. The diet you receive within the diet should consist of 50% carbohydrates from vegetables, fruits, legumes and grains and the remaining 35% should be obtained from oils, hazelnuts, seeds and fishes, and 15% of proteins, including egg and fish By means of

Calculate Calories. This will help you lose weight. Women in weight loss should receive an average of 1400 calories daily and 1800 calories to maintain their weight.

Mediterranean Diet Last 4 follow us.

3. Limit the red meat and sweets.

4. Take the egg, fish, but not every day. Serve chicken and turkey meat as well. Chicken meat, turkey meat or eggs – get some of them every day and fish at least twice a week.

5. Take milk and yogurt daily.

6. Focus on healthy fats and carbohydrates. Enjoy a paste, brown rice and more. Try the white rice only in special cases.

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